Hello. I'm Daniel Vaughan. Welcome to my portfolio website! Creative Computer Games Design Graduate || General Artist and Animator

So I created my avatar back in 2014 after university, 6 years on I think my style has changed quite a bit and my long hair has gone so I thought he could do with an update.

Around the time I created him I was really into Shantae and the Pirates Curse and loved the art style so my avatar was influenced heavily by that along with a number of other drawings at the time.

The idea now was to match him up more with my other characters, Cammie the Sloth and Nibs the Gerbil.

Avatar Timelapse
Really want to do some more with my Sloth Kid but referring to her by that all the time wasn't really ideal...So now she's taken the name of Cammie!

So started off the exploration with just a couple of quick profile views for the character. Used to do some modeling in Maya which recently I'm tempted to try out again so this might come in handy!

I also wanted to get more of a feel of her personality so I continued on with a character study sheet for her. Felt afterwards that I need to work on my facial expressions so next time I experiment with that.

Artwork Timelapse Part 1 

Artwork Timelapse Part 2 

For a while I did some work for We Are Digital Vision creating promotional videos and guides for their Wix apps, Rollover and Button Magic. The videos I created included demos/trailers for upcoming packs, feature updates, tutorials and how to guides. These videos were created in either Premiere Pro and After Effects.

More examples can be seen over on the We Are Digital Vision YouTube page:

Rollover Example:

Button Magic Example:

Recently I started writing reviews again with the guys from GamersFTW and was asked to create a new mascot for the site. I thumb nailed out a couple of ideas for the new Button Bash Gamer mascot.

This character wasn't selected but I liked enough to continue it.
Also, as a bit of a test, I recorded myself drawing her up in Photoshop using my shiny new Gaomon tablet.

As of recently I have been working on creating a series of transitional animation that could be used in picture application. Essentially when a user hovers over or clicks on an image an animation effect will play revealing a secondary image. While these below are in GIF format these would also be saved out as SVG making them scale-able and giving users the option to alter the colours to their preference.

These animations were created using a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator.
So recently I started writing reviews again with the guys from GamersFTW and was asked to create us a new mascot.

"The Button Bash Gamers, or BBGees for short, are a group of friends united by two passions: video games and writing. We have assembled like the New New Avengers to bring personal, light-hearted video game content to your screens."

We've dropped off a little recently but I'm looking to write something new very soon (just need to stop playing games and get on to writing about them).

If your interested you can check us out at www.buttonbashgamers.com

To see more (hopefully) regular updates of my artwork, such as the images featured below, check out my gallery over at DeviantArt.

Here's the level designs for the cat game and the cat flap asset.

Cat Flap Design

So here's just a couple of designs for the cat game from early concepts to finals.

Final Animations
Over the last month or so (Oct/Nov 2017) I set myself a little exercise to update my portfolio (as I haven't been recently) and to play around with elements of Unity I was less familiar with. The object? To create something playable in Unity.

During university I didn't get great deal of time to play around in Unity as I was kind of thrown into learning about motion capture systems and working with C3D data which was a bit of a headache. The only times I dipped into program was to play with the Animator features.

This was just a little exercise to experiment more with unity then I had previously. It still needs some work and friends are pointing out some odd behaviours I've missed so I'm still working to fix those. Plus there's still some things I'd like to play around with further so i'm going to keep updating this prototype when I can.

If you fancy trying out this daft little prototype as it is currently the PC build version can be downloaded from the link below. 
Don't worry it's nothing complicated!

Arrow keys     -     Move
Spacebar        -     Jump

Next new additions on the agenda are opening and closing splash screens, an intro animation to draw the character to the objective, an overall soundtrack and tying sound effects to the cats movements.

If you have any feedback please feel free to drop me a message.

@the_mrsnesbitt was looking to spruce her twitter account with a new profile picture so she asked me for some ideas…so this is what I came up with. She wanted her face in it somehow and was interested in a cartoonish style. The only other thing was she wanted to wave around her missing arm like Buzz Lightyear does in this scene.

You can check out her game streaming shenanigans via her Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/the_mrsnesbitt
Typical scene of me between drawing odd doodles or writing random games reviews. I wanted a some sort of drawing involving what I can do to use as a banner image for my social media accounts.
Of course it had to be being choked up with game and anime references. During the Euros 2016 I made a slight alteration to the scene....

Daniel Vaughan
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