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reviews and features website. They are well established with a loyal reader base of over 50,000 Twitter followers, and excellent industry relationships. They're not aiming to be the biggest out there by any means, but they do want to provide the most insightful variety of content that engages with their readers

After creating an avatar for GamersFTW to use on their social media sites I was asked if I could design some merchandise with the character to help promote the site. As the character was new to the site no one would now how it was connected to us, so I redrew the sites panda mascot to match the style of the avatar so that they could feature together on promotional material. The Panda design was taken out of one of the t-shirt designs and eventually replaced the sites original logo.

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Daniel Vaughan
Computer Games Design graduate from South Wales. Enthusiastic gamer, otaku, games journalist, doodler and wannabe animator.