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Gabs Tanner is a games critic currently writing for We Got This Covered and her own personal blog Gabs Tanner Reviews. She has also previously written for Wales Arts Review and GamersFTW. “Writing has always been my go to device for connecting with the world, while exploring my personal opinions. Meanwhile, being a Critic gives the opportunity to make conversation, through sharing experiences with others.”

While at GamersFTW Gabs asked if I would be interested in designing her a banner image that she could use for her personal blog and social media pages. She stated that she would like the banner to contain no writing so that she could use it no matter who she was writing for, and that it should include a number of games references. The list giving included…“Alice Madness Returns, Persona 3, Zelda, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Tekken, Left 4 Dead, Katamari, Bayonetta, Splatoon, Borderlands (2/Tales from the), Portal 2, The Binding of Isaac, Bioshock (and Infinite), Castle Crashers, Don't Starve, Plants vs Zombies, Psychonauts, Space Channel 5: Part 2, Zoombinis”

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Daniel Vaughan
Computer Games Design graduate from South Wales. Enthusiastic gamer, otaku, games journalist, doodler and wannabe animator.