Hi, and welcome to my portfolio website.

I'm Daniel Vaughan, a 22 year old Computer Games Design graduate from South Wales.

I hope to begin an exciting and varied career in the entertainment industry. Although my primary interest is in animation for games, I'm also interested in designing for games in general, illustration, graphic design, character/creature animation, games journalism and photography.

I'm always looking for new ideas, inspiration, and creative ways to push my designs to new levels of uniqueness and quality. Whether that is joining local groups to learn new skills, picking up voluntary work involving media related skills, watching animated shows to find new inspiration in animation styles or using the internet to keep myself informed on advancements in technology and design.

I feel like my work has grown leaps and bounds as a result of my education at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and I'm eager to get out into the industry to continue to learn and flourish as a working professional.

Daniel Vaughan
Computer Games Design graduate from South Wales. Enthusiastic gamer, otaku, games journalist, doodler and wannabe animator.